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Asun Eastwood & TheTwinning - Prophecy Is My Present (Album)

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Prophecy Is My Present (Album Stream)


Asun Eastwood's new album "Prophecy Is My Present". Produced by TheTwinning. Featuring: Lord Juco, Falcon Outlaw, Lex Talionis, Raz Fresco, Don Smith, Family Gang Black, SL, Quinn the Comic, Richie aka Raspy, Rasheed Chappell and Maze Overlay.


01. PIMP (Intro)

02. Stillness Is A Skill feat. Lord Juco

03. TeamWork GLOW

04. StepWork GLOW feat. Falcon Outlaw

05. LOV (Life Of Victory) feat. Lex Talionis

06. Framed My Pyrex Bowl feat. Raz Fresco

07. Underrated feat. donSMITH & Family Gang Black

08. Anfernee feat. SLNC

09. Hurt ‘Em feat. Quinn The Comic & Richie aka Raspy

10. Inspired By Death

11. Tie Ya Camel feat. Rasheed Chappell

12. Muhammad GLOW feat. Maze Overlay

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