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Bad Beats 87 - Make Money, Not Art (Album)

Listen Here


Bad Beats 87's debut album "Make Money, Not Art" is quite the oxymoron. Such a title made me believe this album might lack integrity, but this is top-notch hip-hop!


1. Theme Music (Intro) feat. Rick Hyde

2. Back to Basics feat. Bub Rock

3. The Business feat. SageInfinite

4. Survive feat. Eddie Kaine

5. Mission feat. Sleep Sinatra

6. The Code feat. K.Burns

7. Fiend Talk feat. Toney Boi

8. It's Really Me feat. Eddie Kaine

9. Life Support feat. SageInfinite

10. Playa of the Year feat. K.Burns

11. 2 Many feat. eNox

12. Baritone Bars (Outro) feat. Rim

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