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Camoflauge Monk - Be Careful Who You Sleep On (Album)

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Camoflauge Monk's new project "Be Careful Who You Sleep On" produced by Camoflauge Monk features Rome Streetz, Elcamino, Essco, ToneyBoi, Labrina, Che Noir, 7xvethegenius, Vast Aire, Dogg Muney, Tiona Deniece, Maxo. Dont sleep!


01 Kith Plug Intro

02 Pre Cut Fruit feat. Labrina

03 Clouds Say My Name feat. Maxo

04 Be Careful Who You Sleep On feat. Labrina, Che Noir & 7xvethegenius

05 Cadillac On Wishbones Interlude feat. Tiona Deniece

06 Balenciaga Skit

07 Never Paid Retail At Kith

08 Sliced Oranges

09 Aniexsation Of Puerto Rico

10 Score In Houston Skit

11 2AM In Buffalo feat. Elcamino, Essco & ToneyBoi

12 Brief Message From Our Sponsors feat. Rome Streetz

13 Black Ghost Buster feat. Vast Aire

14 Love You feat. Jae Skeese

15 Blood On My Windbreaker

16 Meek Skit

17 Watson Smith Outro feat. Dogg Muney

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