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Codenine - LVNDR Base & Beauty (Album)

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Codenine releases his new album "LVNDR Base & Beauty" produced by Karnate, Don Carrera, Vinyl Villain, Chronic Tone, A1Beatz, & Crucial the Guillotine and featuring Crucial the Guillotine, Estee Nack, Bub Rock, & Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon.


01. Sochi Gold (prod. by Karnate)

02. Eyez Wide Shut (prod. by Don Carrera)

03. Dock Ellis Tabs feat. Crucial The Guillotine (prod. by Chronic Tone)

04. Wedding Of Medici (prod. by Crucial The Guillotine)

05. Anastasia (prod. by Karnate)

06. Iso (prod. by Karnate)

07. Aura Glow feat. Bub Rock (prod. by Don Carrera)

08. ’97 Mariners (prod. by Don Carrera)

09. Hollalu-Jah feat. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon (prod. by Karnate)

10. Cus D’Amato (prod. by Don Carrera)

11. Tokyo Special (prod. by Vinyl Villain)

12. Church Eucharist (prod. by Karnate)

13. Blood Red Rubies feat. Estee Nack (prod. by A1)

14. Chess Pie By The Chesapeake (prod. by Karnate)

15. F.U.G.E. (prod. by Crucial The Guillotine)

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