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DJ Dolo76 - The Vasquez (Album)

"The Vasquez" (Album Stream)


DJ Dolo76's new instrumental album "The Vasquez". Produced by DJ Dolo76.

They don’t make ‘em like DJ Dolo76 anymore. He was raised in the 1980s and became obsessed with Hip-Hop early on. His childhood was decidedly nomadic as his family lived in no less than seven different cities during his upbringing, including Chicago, Houston, and Toronto. This gave him an appreciation for the distinct styles of rap that were starting to emerge all over North America. Although Dolo was drawn to all the elements of Hip-Hop, he was specifically fascinated with the wheels of steel and what would come to be known as turntablism. As a teen, he religiously studied the techniques of legends like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay (RIP), DJ Premier, DJ Scratch, Q-Bert, D-Styles, and Grandmaster Roc Raida (RIP), as well as innovative mixtape DJs like Dirty Harry, Tony Touch, and Mr. Dibbs. A fastidious student of the craft, Dolo prides himself on his versatility. He is just as comfortable doing scratch hooks as a session DJ, to supporting acts on stage, to party-rocking in any size venue. And that’s not even mentioning his beat-making. With a record collection nearing the 6000 mark, his deep knowledge of music gives him a clear advantage over the YouTube sampling generation. He has contributed cuts and/or beats to projects by respected names such as Freeway, Jon Connor, Joell Ortiz, Thirstin Howl III, DJ T-Rock, and many more. Although Dolo was in a group called Caveman Theory in the mid-2000s, his solo output has been limited to a string of mixtapes...until now. After being introduced to Observe since 98 by mutual friend Midaz The Beast, the two became fast friends. Dolo ended up contributing cuts and remixes to Observe’s latest release “Le Dernier Royaume,” which led to him being invited to drop his solo debut, “The Vasquez EP,” on Observe’s label Loretta Records. This 7-track offering is somewhere between a beat tape and a turntablism routine. Basically, select loops layered with vocal snippets and tight scratches. And if the cover art and title haven’t made it obvious, this project is a homage to Private Vasquez, the hard-as-nails Colonial Marine from Ridley Scott’s masterpiece “Aliens.”

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