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IceRocks - Crossing The Rubicon (Album)

Crossing The Rubicon (Album Stream)


IceRocks new album "Crossing The Rubicon". Produced by IceRocks. He's got features from Benny The Butcher, Meyhem Lauren, Elcamino, Flee Lord, Rome Streetz, UFO Fev, RickHyde, Madhattan, Ren Thomas, Heem, and Skrewtape.


1. Pain & Suffering (feat. Flee Lord & Madhattan)

2. Draft Day (feat. Rick Hyde & Ren Thomas)

3. Kennedy (feat. Rome Streetz & Madhattan)

4. Grandma's (feat. UFO Fev)

5. Fed Time (feat. Heem)

6. Buck Fifty Shave Club (feat. Skrewtape)

7. Red Presidents (feat. Benny the Butcher & Meyhem Lauren)

8. Feed the Fam (feat. ElCamino)

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