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Kimchi Sawce x Blass 89 x Donnie Durag x Emilio Craig - Junmai (Album)

"Junmai" (Album Stream)


“Junmai” was created in a casual setting over at Loudnoises studio (Kimchi and Donnie's den) in Bushwick. A short but sweet 4 tracks E.P that transports you in a universe where elegance meets unfiltered thoughts. Blass 89, Donnie Durag and Emilio Craig gave Junmai its character with modern poesy and groovy flows while Kimchi poured the magic sawce, mixing elegant and nostalgic samples with brutal yet precise drums. Junmai is a type of sake you will always find in Kimchi's fridge. It is also his way of paying his respect to a culture, a way of life he producer admires. Artwork by & @keisuke.0213


1. Cocktail House

2. Dreams

3. Honey Glazed

4. Last Call

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