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Mickey Diamond - Imported Goods (Album)

Imported Goods (Album Stream)


Mickey Diamond new album "Imported Goods"


01. Intro (Red Cover)

02. Uncut Gems (prod. by Mallori Knox)

03. Imported Goods feat. John Creasy & Mack Nyce (prod. by OutTake)

04. Steep Tech feat. Cise Greeny (prod. by Dark Arts)

05. Manifest Destiny feat. Big Trip (prod. by BDT)

06. High Ceilings (prod. by Intifada)

07. AM 90 feat. Zagnif Nori & King Author (prod. by The Prxspect)

08. Supreme Camo (prod. by Mzagneto)

09. Foggy Diamond (prod. by Shar)

10. Shadow Dancer (prod. by DJ Rill)

11. Salvador Dali feat. Josiah The Gift (prod. by OutTake)

12. Finessin’ Styles feat. Guy Grams (prod. by Full Scale)

13. Addicted (prod. by Dark Arts)

14. Tales From The Stove feat. Allah Preme, Snotty & Pro Dillinger (prod. by The Prxspect)

15. Outro (Red Cover)

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