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Sxint Chris - Roaring 20's (Album)

Roaring 20's (Album Stream)


Sxint Chris delivers his first work of 2021 with this new album, "Roaring 20's". This project serves as a reflection of the chaotic 2020's so far, paying homage to the 1920's Harlem Renaissance Movement. Chris stays true to his lyrical & family roots, giving the audience something to think on - this time over Arkin-produced, jazz-laced beats.


1.Human Instrument

2. Soul Fatigue

3.88.3 FM (Skit)

4.Crystal Tears

5. How I Met Ya Mother Pt. 1

6. Refreshments (Intermission)

7. Chef Kisses

8. Blues Anonymous

9. Jam Sesh

10. Been Some Days

11. Organized Chaos (Intermission)

12. How I Met Ya Mother Pt. 2

13. No Soul (Skit)

14. Read The Fine Print

15. Incognito

16. Sax Fif

17. Games Get Old / Co-Op

Produced by: Arkin (@prodbyarkin)

Mixed & Mastered by: Big French (@bigfrenchmbp)

Art Concept by: Huey P (@hueyp_art)

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